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Le escribí a Sharon Bowman preguntando opinión, sobre que yo estaba traduciendo y resumiendo su libro «Training from the back of the room» en este blog (más info aquí). Más abajo copio su respuesta, que la recibí con gran alegría!

Querida Ingrid:

I am honored that you find my book and ideas helpful. Of course you can translate bits and pieces – just please cite the source as you have done. I’m glad that your blog provides such a service to your readers.

If you want to translate chapters of the book, you will have to contact the publisher for that permission (I do not own the book copyright – Pfeiffer, a division of John Wiley & Sons owns the copyright).

Summarizing content, quoting sentences, writing about the activities, and citing the source for all this is perfectly acceptable.

Thank you again for your email. Best of luck with your teaching, your blog, and all you do to help other people learn! Abrazos! Sharon

PS. When you have some time, take a look at the links below to short, free downloadable slide presentations – I think you will like them :-)

Click on the links below for Sharon’s short FREE MICRO-COURSES:

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Movement Trumps Sitting 

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